Managed WiFi

Identify and eliminate WiFi dead spots

What exactly is Managed Wifi? Managed Wifi is an outsourcing managed wireless network which enables clients, residents, or visitors to access the Internet through multiple access points around a structure, ensuring complete property-wide connectivity. It is an on-demand technology, which means that Internet service providers manage and troubleshoot each individual workstations WiFi remotely, eliminating the need for a dedicated office network. The technology behind managed WiFi involves servers at various sites, linked together through wireless routers, which act as a gateway to any Internet connection. The data traveling between the server and the client’s workstations is encrypted to ensure security. In this manner, managed wireless networks eliminate the need for expensive and high-power WAN connections, and instead provide a cost-effective alternative with immediate and noticeable benefits.

Managed Wifi is available today in several different forms.

These include unmanaged, self-managed, and hosted. An unmanaged Wifi provider offers the greatest amount of bandwidth at the most affordable rates. They require the customer or resident to obtain and pay for their own hardware. Self-managed or virtual Managed Wifi providers do not require customers to purchase or manage their own equipment. Both types offer similar manageability and security, as well as the same connections, speeds, and security.

Managed Wifi providers offer several advantages over other forms of Wifi.

Managed wifi providers typically provide equipment-assisted, secure, private, managed Wifi which connects clients to the internet service provider’s servers. This ensures that clients have better security and connectivity to wireless networks and that employees using computers within the workplace have easier access to the internet. Furthermore, the connection to internet service providers can be set up anywhere within the building, allowing employees to take advantage of any internet connection offered throughout the workplace.

Businesses which have offices in multiple locations can benefit from managed, in-house enterprise wifi solutions. These businesses can use a managed Wifi service provider to provide fast, reliable, secure Wi-Fi for employees and their personal mobile devices. Using a managed Wifi service provider, these businesses can easily create and manage several different wireless networks in different locations across the office or warehouse.

This type of managed Wifi service also makes it easier for businesses to take advantage of mobile devices. Managed wifi providers can offer a laptop-based access point to employees, allowing them to access the internet using their smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. The laptop-based access point can also be added to the network monitored by the manager, who can reassign the password to different devices. This type of Wifi provides an affordable, flexible way for companies to ensure that all employees have easy access to wireless internet at all times.

Managing a managed service provider means that employees can use any type of smartphone or tablet they wish to use to connect to their managed Wifi network. They do not have to settle for a slow or lagging internet connection, as all connections are kept secure and fast at all times. Managed wifi services are perfect for companies that need to cover multiple locations and have employees traveling between them. This type of Wifi service is also ideal for large companies that need to have employees located in all areas of the world. With a managed service provider, employees can stay connected no matter where they are located. A smartphone or tablet with an internet connection will allow any employee to access the internet no matter where they are located.

Some managed wifi providers may provide internet access starting at just $20 per month, while others can provide unlimited internet connectivity for various periods of time. The best providers often offer real-time wi-fi hotspot access, which is perfect for businesses that need a Wi-Fi hot spot right outside their front door. Real-time connectivity means that an employee can get on the internet, log into the company’s website, check their email, submit reports, and more right from their smartphone or tablet. No matter where they are, they will have immediate access to their desktop or laptop computer, giving them a great advantage over their co-workers who are stuck at their desks.

  • Businesses that want to improve customer experience, establish new customer relationships, and improve productivity should consider all of their options when it comes to choosing a managed wifi provider.
  • There are a variety of different types of devices to choose from and different plans to choose from.
  • By taking a little time to research all of your options, you will be able to find the perfect solution for your business’s unique needs.