Compliance Services for Tech Companies

Compliance as a Service is an Internet phenomenon that has swept through the business world and now has its way into the home-based business arena as well. This is one of the major reasons that more companies are seeking out the incorporation of an online presence. For one thing, it means that a company does not have to spend valuable time to comply with every rule and regulation that might come down the pike. Instead, compliance becomes a service that is delivered automatically. That way a company can focus on what it does best – generating revenues.

Compliance as a service program is an agreement between a business and an internet company that involve all of the elements that must be satisfied in order for the entire relationship to be properly established. First, both sides must establish an online presence with a web address that is easily accessible. Once that is accomplished, all communications between the company and the compliance agency are conducted via an electronic system. Any information or data that is sent or received during the course of business is then recorded and logged using algorithms that ensure compliance with various laws and regulations.

What types of information are handled during these transactions? Most compliance as a service agreements contains provisions regarding the manner in which confidential information is recorded, tracked, and shared. In addition, it also involves provisions covering the security of such information. Generally speaking, the greater the degree of security that is involved, the less likely it is that a company or individual will run afoul of some sort during the course of business. Of course, if the compliance agency has any objections about how exactly the internet company is performing this duty, those should be raised at this stage as well.

What happens if a business wishes not to become a compliance as a service internet company?

Quite a bit, actually. To begin with, there may be an inability to offer services related to compliance as a service. Also, there may be fees involved that simply cannot be afforded by the company concerned.

When is a company considered a compliance as a service internet company? Generally speaking, once a business or entity becomes so accredited there are a number of benefits that accrue as a result of such accreditation. This includes an increased number of potential clients, better opportunities for licensing, and more credibility in terms of providing a regulated service. In most cases, these benefits are obtained within a relatively short period of time after the accreditation has been achieved.

How do I determine whether my Internet Company is in fact a compliance as a service organization? Well, the easiest way to approach this question relates to the nature of the business that you are engaged in. For Compliance as a Service (CaaS) CLICK HERE. If you are engaging in a home based business, chances are that you are working at your own pace and developing your own skills. In this scenario, you should not have the responsibility of proving your company’s compliance with any government agency. If, however, you are engaging in an Internet based business, there are a variety of ways that you can make sure that your company is properly regulated.

The most common method is through the government. Every federal government office maintains a list of accredited companies.

These businesses are then reviewed periodically to ensure that they remain compliant. If your company is not on this list, it is important that you take remedial action to correct this problem before it becomes a huge issue. Reviewing your company each year should include assessing whether your Internet Company is in fact still compliant with the applicable regulations. This can be easily done by contacting the local office of the General Services Administration (GSA) or the Federal Trade Commission.

  • What if my company is not on either list? The fact is that many government offices will not even perform a review unless a business has already been evaluated and found to be in compliance.
  • Additionally, many companies wishing to become accredited by the GSA must apply for certification every two years.
  • Your best option if you want to work with the government to ensure compliance with the various regulations and laws is to use a compliance software program which will manage everything for you.