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Welcome to Proxy service!

Proxy Service help you to visit restricted websites and surf the Internet Anonymously.

Proxy service org is a website that makes it possible to access websites which are normally blocked for you. Proxy service org is a such called online anonymizer that can fetch the websites from the internet and send it to your computer so that the user can surf restricted websites without really visit them.

Such a proxy site have also many good advantages like anonymity and acceleration of website contents. It can especially hide your real IP addressand let you visit websites without leaving any evidence of your visit. And it can also make the surfing with a slow internet connection more enjoyable since it can compress and clean-up websites.

This online accelerator is powered by many powerful servers around the world so that you will get the fastest proxy speed and content delivering in any corner of the world. This proxy page can be used with Video streaming sites like Youtube or Dailymotion. But it can also be used as a Facebook proxy to access Facebook at school, workspace or a country where Facebook is blocked by internet filters or censors.

Proxy service org is complettely for free and comes as Ads-free-proxy. This is a no-limit-proxy that support a variety of Social Networks, Video streaming websites and Flash powered websites. This online Anonymizer can be used as a Flash-proxy which means that it can unblock flash games or any another Flash and Java content.

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